Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay, with today being the day to cast your ballot in California I'm stepping up on the soap box to voice my disgust with our disgusting politicians who would like nothing better than to rip off their constituents again by getting them to fall for their scare tactics about our state diving in the flames of bankruptcy if we don't vote more money for them.

I am more adamant about this than about avoiding ripoff Monster brand cables - please don't fall for these hucksters!!!!

Plain and simple, the more money you give people, the more they will spend. The only way people will spend less is to give them less. Nowhere is this more acutely demonstrated than in our sorry state of California where our pitiful legislators, including the governator that I USED to support, waste your tax dollars and mine and keep begging for more.

I've heard their dire warnings before - way back in the 70's when they told us how passage of Proposition 13 would result in dire consequences for us all. Yup, I sure am suffering knowing that my property taxes could have been multiples higher than they are now had we been suckered into voting down Prop 13. I'm so sorry that someone in Sacramento had to forego their annual office remodeling because of this (although they probably did it anyway).

I am voting a happy NOOOOOO on Prop's 1A through 1E and voting YES on 1F, the one that prevents pay increases in budget deficit years.

It is nothing but common sense. Our legislators who want us to pass 1A-1E are reprehensible - worse than AIG, Enron and Countrywide put together. All they want is more license to spend and I am hopeful, based on the way the polls look so far, that people are going to send them the message that we are sick and tired of their idiocy.

There's plenty of funds available right now - they are just being channeled to the wrong place. The selfish, greedy administrators don't want to give it up, they want to keep wasting it. They would rather our tax dollars pay for teachers than to reallocate the money that goes into their pockets while they sit around doing nothing all day except plot how to keep their slimy jobs.

Please don't get fooled again by legalized robbery. Our state is run by crooks.

Was it clear how I feel about the matter?

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