Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day Off

I made it a four-day weekend by taking a day off from work today (Tuesday). I spent a good part of the day enjoying my audio and video equipment, mainly the audio part by playing some CD's, SACD's and concert DVD's. Lots of music!

I also spent some time fiddling around with the different settings for the equipment, which gets confusing. Like choosing to send bitstream versus LPCM signals from the blu ray player to the preamp or sending DSD or PCM or which one decodes what signal and, and, well it makes your head spin.

The fact that we have such a thing as music is wonderful. I happen to believe that God created the universe and music is included as one of the creations. We take our five senses for granted, just as we do the dimensions (length, width, height, time, Twilight Zone and the singing group) but they are all things with properties that had to be created or constructed.

For example, let's say you are going to create a new software game. You start with a blank slate. Whatever you create has to be given properties - that is, characteristics of things that define whatever is created, as well as actions that these things are capable of doing. There have to be rules.

What does it really mean to "hear" something? There have to be sounds to be heard, but then there have to be such things as "sounds." Imagine a world created in which there are no sounds or hearing because that is not included as a "sense." That world could have a completely different set of senses, beyond our comprehension. Like if we could see time, or hear length. Totally different ways of perceiving things, in other words, because of the way everything was created. I sense all of this probably has made you feel tired.

That's something I think about now and then - how we are all part of a giant software program, operating within the parameters that have been set for the program, using the properties that have been assigned to us.

Well, enough of all that hot air. I'm grateful that music is part of our world.

There's no particular connection between today's YouTube song and the blog post except it is an example of why I love music so much and am so grateful it is something we are fortunate to be able to enjoy. This is one of my favorites.

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