Monday, May 18, 2009

Cool Furniture

I'm always checking the Gold Box deals on Amazon and today the 4:00 deal was the "Fatboy FOX original" in blue, which is basically a dressed-up beanbag chair. That made me think of the two that I used to have, one green and one yellow. I had them for a long time and they were really comfortable. I can't remember what happened to them, though.

One thing: never open the zipper on one of those things. I did and that's why I am telling you not to do that. Inside I found zillions of minute styrofoam balls, statically charged to stick to anything and everything, impossible to get back into the beanbag. Leave well enough alone. It's like opening up a Lava Lamp - it's never the same after you do so.

That set my brain wandering to beanbags in general and how we used to use them in elementary school for something on the playground but I can't remember exactly what for. Was it to throw at each other? Well, even if that wasn't the official use I'm sure that's what we used to do.

Is dodgeball still a phys ed activity in school? I bet it isn't because of the low self esteem that arises when you get hit, not to mention possible pain. It sure was fun, though. That would be a pure example of the concept "survival of the fittest." Except that nowadays you would have to add the attorneys filing personal injury claims and make sure you keep hands off of any "protected classes" of participants. I can just imagine the rules have changed so that you are ejected if you actually hit anyone with the ball, plus you have to attend anger management classes.

That's how my mind wandered while writing this blog post today. Sort of like the picture of the wiring in back of my audio/video setup:

That's about it for today. Now to circle back to the original topic, beanbags:

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