Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Audio Nut

I was browsing through an audio website's forum today when I spied a post from someone who was asking about a pair of Dynaco A25 speakers that he had, and how much power they could handle.

Do you remember Dynaco speakers? If so, read on.. I'm just reminiscing. Those were the first true "hi-fi" speakers I owned, purchased from the long defunct Pacific Stereo (the location on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica) along with a Dual 1218 turntable and a Sony TA-1150 integrated amplifier.

Those were really nice speakers and very popular. Later on, I moved up from my Sony amplifier to true separates, a Dynaco 120 stereo power amplifier and a Dynaco PAT-5 stereo preamplifier, both of which were mail ordered and came as kits. The kits were a lot cheaper than the assembled ones and I had a lot of fun putting them together. They actually worked, too! You got a lot of value for your money with that company.

The entire list of Dynaco equipment with links to description pages can be found by clicking here.

From there it's been a long string of audio equipment - a never-ending procession; I've always been interested in that area. It was fun going back and reading about my old Dynaco equipment and thinking about how I used it for hours and hours doing what I love so much - listening to music.

Alas, Dynaco is long gone but there are other value-oriented companies around these days whose products I admire. Here's one of them below, and you'll know if you are an audio nut if you can understand what the heck this guy is talking about, haha..

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