Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unacceptable Jack Back

Previously I mentioned my disappointing visit to Jack in the Box on Saturday during which I ordered a hearty breakfast bowl and what I got looked absolutely nothing like the menu board picture.

I sent an e-mail to their guest relations telling them about my experience and asking if that was how the bowl was supposed to look. A fairly quick response letting me know that they will address the matter with the offending location came back to me.

They still didn't answer my question about the product's appearance, so I asked again. Once again the response came fairly quickly and this person (it's a different jack or jackess every time) told me that the ingredients are supposed to be mixed, not separated like mine were.

After thinking about it a bit, I decided that since the product was not given to me as it was supposed to have been, I should have been comped. So I wrote back a reply:


I am not trying to be greedy or anything but under the circumstances I feel it would be appropriate to receive a coupon for another hearty breakfast since the one I got was obviously not prepared properly.

Thank you,

Now the ball is in their court again. Whaddaya think? Will they send me a coupon?

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