Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I felt totally worn out when I got home from work today. But I still forced myself to observe routine and do my normal run in keeping with my OCD that I have to do daily exercise or else.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a schedule that aligned with how you were feeling? Like if you wanted to sleep, you sleep. Work when you felt energetic enough to do so effectively. If that meant at 3 in the morning one time and then at 4 in the afternoon the next time, so be it.

Today for example - what if I just went to sleep right after work. Not for a short nap, but went to sleep like I normally do later at night, and just slept until I woke up. Then when I'm up, eat dinner at whatever odd time that might be, then do some work.

Would that be strange or would that be more efficient?

I was thinking for most jobs that's totally impractical but for something like making a living from writing stories, that's totally efficient. Write when you are energized, when you feel like you have something to actually commit to print - when the inspiration hits. Out of synch with the world moving through its typical day but in synch with what works for ones own self.

Well, maybe I sound crazy because I still feel worn out but that's what I've been mulling over this evening. Dreaming while awake.. time for a lullabye:

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