Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh boy am I glad the weekend is finally here. This has been one crazy week at work!

I drove home on a freeway more crowded than usual, feeling deflated and drained, telling myself hey, this is the weekend so cheer up and get energized.

Then I looked at the mail. There was an envelope from my long-time good buddy Michael Jones. That cheered me up right away. I opened it and the contents gave me a big smile.

At our recent lunch he told me he still had some pictures his mom had taken back when we were little twerps at 36th Street School. They were in the envelope. Here's a picture of Michael, exactly like I remember him (and not too far different from the way he is today, really). He said this was from 1962. (click for larger images)

And here's a picture of me. I'll let you guess which one I am. I remember a few of the kids in the picture but not their names. I remember that shirt I'm wearing, too. I always thought I looked like Sargent Carter in the old Gomer Pyle televsion series.

He also sent a letter (unbelievable, someone actually communicating with me via regular mail) and a copy of the poem I mentioned in my post about our reunion lunch. I think it's a great poem but sorry, I'm not going to print it here since it is his work, not mine.

Good ol' 36th Street School. I still have dreams about it at times. Back then the play yard seemed soooo big.

Anyway, I'll reiterate how I am so glad it is the weekend. And this particular one has no real commitments to it. That's the best kind, wouldn't you agree? I feel like the YouTube video for today - joyous. I love Carole King - there is such an expression of joy when she sings.

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