Monday, April 6, 2009

Ripoff World

Like you are used to me doing, today I am going to complain about a couple of things that really bug me.

First thing has to do with an article that was in the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal. The title of the article is The Scariest Monster of All Sues for Trademark Infringement.

The "scariest monster" to which the article refers is Monster Cable, the company that makes overpriced snake oil cables that unsuspecting people are duped into paying outrageous prices for because they think somehow their cables are better than other cables even though there is no difference in sound between them.

The first example used in the article is how Monster Cable sued a couple who owned the Monster Mini-Golf franchise, demanding they surrender their name and pay Monster $80,000 for the right to use this name.

Ridiculous, you say? Yes it is, but that hasn't stopped them from bringing numerous suits, including one against Disney for the movie "Monsters, Inc."

Have we all gone nuts? I think so. All these companies that get sued must feel like a battered Rodney King pleading, Can't we all just get along? Except the companies legitimately using the generic word "Monster" are innocent.

To my limited readership: I IMPLORE YOU, please NEVER EVER buy a Monster Cable product again and urge your friends and family to do likewise. You are just wasting your money buying products made by them as well as contributing to their litigious team of turkeys bringing frivolous suits left and right. This has got to end.

Now you know why Monster Cables are so expensive. You have to pay for huge legal fees. It surely has nothing to do with the quality of the product. So PLEASE let your conscience be your guide and don't support an unethical thug like Monster. I am serious.

Okay, second thing for today in my ripoff world post:

I saw the below in the weekly Best Buy ad:

Ooh, fancy name: "Audio Auxiliary Cable." This is nothing more than a cheap 3.5 mm connecting cord for things like Ipods, MP3's, portable CD players, etc. Notice how it says it is exclusive to Best Buy. Good, let's keep it that way.

Here is a cord that does the exact same thing and while the build quality may be different (better or worse, I dunno), you will not be able to hear any difference in sound between the two. Plus, since you can buy more than 20 of these for the price of the Dynex, if one breaks you can just toss it and pull the next one out of the bag. This comes from the site, well known for decent cables at decent prices.

I think we've all gone crazy lately..

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