Sunday, April 19, 2009

Relaxing Saturday

Not a whole lot happened today (Saturday)... that's GOOD!!!

I started out the traditional way with a trip to Costco, armed with some coupons that came in the mail a few days ago. Coupons = spend more money.

Here's a few things I got:

Artichoke hearts packed in water. The only artichoke hearts in jars I ever see are packed in oil which makes them more caloric but I found these that are in water instead.

There was a coupon for Pam so I got this twin-pack which will probably last for 30 years.

I bought this duo of dressings before and then it disappeared. Both of these are really good so I got two packs of them since at Costco one day something is there and the next day it isn't.

And a giant bag of fishsticks. I know, not as healthy as eating non-breaded fish but how can you resist fishsticks? I used to love them as a kid - especially cold. Does that sound weird? I also like to eat them with a sauce mix of mayo and shoyu. Mmmm.. One serving is defined as three sticks. Are they crazy??

We went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Every time we go I am always looking at the picture of the breakfast bowl and thinking it looks so good, so today I ordered a breakfast bowl combo.

Let me tell you, this thing looks nothing like the picture. In the picture it looks delicious, with the eggs, sausage, potatoes and cheese all mixed together and saying that every single bite you take of this mixture will be heavenly. This is what the picture looks like:

What arrived was a bowl that looked smaller than the picture, and all of the ingredients were separate. Some eggs on one side, a bunch of hash brown fingers in another section, and then some crumbled sausage sitting in a white sauce in the third part of the triangle. Not very appetizing. On top of that it comes with hash browns, which are more of the hash brown fingers that take up the majority of the bowl. I was potatoboy today.

I won't even tell you what happens if you click on the "nutritional info" button.

I should have stuck with my usual tacos. Even if I have no idea what is inside of them at least I know what to expect. I sent Jack a message via his website so let's see what happens..

Despite a bit of disappointment at Jack, I have nothing to complain about. At least today was a relaxing day!

Today's video is of Greg's dog.. I just went over and snatched it off YouTube, That's a pretty smart dog although he seems to work cheap:

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