Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm typing this on Monday evening and thinking I sure am glad I will be working from home tomorrow. I'm still on my work-at-home-two-days-a-week schedule, which I think is great. Not as great as work-at-home-three, four or five days a week but it's better than not being able to do so at all.

I sit around and wonder if I really love the kind of work I do and to tell you the truth, I don't really know. It has its ups and downs but I wouldn't want to stay in this same line of work at another company even for tons more money because I like where I am right now. Still, I keep thinking that there is something better out there, something about which I could be a lot more passionate and as a result, do very well at it. Something that really fits.

It seems I refuse to think about it too much because then I just might call my own bluff, forcing me to actually take a giant step and do it (whatever it may be). It's like I tell myself I need to really think about doing something I really love, and set aside some planning time. But then I keep finding diversions that sidetrack me.

Yeah, I know.. you've read it before in this blog.. over and over. And I keep thinking about it over and over.

Sometimes you just have to get up and do something.

The YouTube for today is great but I couldn't find a version that allowed me to embed it here.. so you will have to click on the link to go watch it on the YouTube website. Click here.

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Brien said...

Now, THAT was an outstanding performance!