Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well I have to admit that I am kind of enjoying Facebook and actually have some friends on there now. More than in real life, haha..

The other day there was an enigmatic post from one of my friends: "olpr" is all it said.

Hmm.. olpr.. olpr.. what does that stand for? I sat there thinking I wasn't very hip and everyone else knew what she was talking about.

Then someone else commented on her post and said to excuse her ignorance, but what did that mean?

O = on and L = line? But what does the P and R stand for?

The next day she had another post. Her two-year-old daughter had gotten hold of her I Phone and was playing with the keypad. She said she was glad she hadn't typed anything offensive.

Now that's a real LOL! And here we all sat, trying to read meaning into that mysterious message..

Anyway, TTYL..

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