Monday, April 27, 2009


An adbook for the South Coast Plaza came with Saturday's Wall Street Journal. I flipped through it and was wondering why do they choose the models that they do for high-fashion ads?

I took a picture of the woman on the cover:

She looks better above than she does on the actual cover. Why do all the models have to look like Dracula, and an angry Dracula at that? Is that supposed to make them look seductive and sexy? Don't they know how to smile? Maybe I'm just abnormal and the average guy is wowed by stuff like that but I am always amazed at why they use such unfriendly-looking ghastly models. What do you think? Do you like models that look like that or not? Those kinds of ads with Dracula women really turn me off.

Next (I'm just babbling about stuff that came to my mind) is the ad that was on television a while ago for the Cadillac Escalade that had Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" playing in the background while these clumsy, stodgy vehicles drove around trying to look sporty.

Granted, the people who grew up when that song was new on the radio are now the stodgy, clumsy bald-headed people most likely to buy an Escalade, but I just find it silly that anyone should associate Led Zeppelin with a Cadillac. Any kind of Cadillac. But then I don't know what the members of the band look like now - maybe they drive Cadillacs and are stodgy and clumsy as well. I can't imagine that, though.

Finally, there was that commercial on a while ago for Oldsmobile that declared the present model was "not your father's car" or "not your father's Oldsmobile." Well, I guess that was sort of correct - it was more like your grandpa's car! And even the name: OLDsmobile.

Things like the above make me laugh like an ant watching the old Andy Griffith show and thinking how naming someone "Ant Bee" makes no sense.

Actually, Oldsmobiles used to be pretty cool. But they went downhill just like their parent company.

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