Monday, April 13, 2009

Easy Livin' Memorabilia

Michael scanned a few momentos of our Easy Livin' days and e-mailed them to me this past Saturday so I thought I'd share them with you instead of subjecting you to my usual recount of my visit to Costco (although I do have a heads up - if you like those Martha Stewart chicken slab pies, for some reason the Alhambra Costco sells them for $4.97 whereas all the other locations have them for double that amount. Maybe people in Alhambra think the pies have bird flu or something).

Here's what our business card looked like (click on all the pictures for a larger version):

Let's see... that one would go for about $4,500 on the open market today if in mint condition. As you see, Duane's phone number was changed so this was after high school, when he moved to Pasadena. Notice there was no need to put an area code.

A card in mint condition prior to the number change would list for around $6,000 and the real gem would be our original business card that came in various colors and had everyone's name on them. That would probably fetch $25,000 easily these days.

Below are some of our song lists. Normally Michael or me had the dubious honor of making them up. Now just think, back in those days we didn't have computers or copiers or printers so we had to write out five copies each time. Hopefully we adhered to the same order on each copy.

Back in those days we also had no digital cameras. I wish we had some pictures or recording but as far as I know, nothing exists. Maybe that was on purpose..

Finally, here is a list of songs that Michael kept. He says this is every song we ever learned and he just kept a running list. I had forgotten we did some of those but after seeing the list, I could hear us playing the song in my head. Haha, yeah, I hear more than voices.

You know, those were really some good times. I'm sitting here with a big smile as I type this.

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