Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clean Up

I spent a good part of the day cleaning up the stacks of stuff that have accumulated in Greg's room and I'm still not finished but it is a lot less crowded now! By the way, none of it is Greg's stuff (well actually some of it is but that's in the closet waiting in case he ever wants it); the vast majority are things I've been stacking up since there's no room anywhere else in the house.

There's plenty of stuff bound for donation to Goodwill or the Salvation Army - mainly books and some clothes. I thought about the last time I went through everything and why I decided to keep the things that just sat there undisturbed until today and concluded if something has sat undisturbed for that length of time, I'm never going to use it. Or read it. Or wear it. So this time, into the donation pile it went.

The books that remain are those that I think (today) may in the future prove "useful." Or that I will actually get around to reading. In the closet are the clothes I think that one day I may actually wear. And in the boxes on the floor in the closet are tons of spare computer parts - how did I collect all these cables and adapters and cards and stuff???

That's it until the next round. Meanwhile I'm looking at the donation pile wondering how it is all going to fit in the car..

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