Friday, April 17, 2009

Boring Thursday

I know it is actually Friday when this post appears but I am writing it on Thursday. Today was pretty boring - just the usual work headaches that make me keep telling myself to work on my five-year plan. But I did get something in my e-mail inbox that I thought I would share with you.

This is the top part of the monthly Kaiser newsletter that arrived today:

I looked at the picture (I circled it in green) and thought, hey they are using Nadya Suleman, the octupletress in their newsletter! Don't you think that looks like her? But then where are her 24 kids? They're probably playing in the refrigerator or something while she's busy checking out new home prices on the web.

The only other thing to comment on today is how annoying the dogs next door are. Yes, dogs, as in plural. Apparently they have a guest dog and when it barks, it sounds like it has an accordian or a pan flute caught in its throat. Or both. And it's very loud, to boot.

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