Sunday, March 29, 2009


I went for my usual weekly Costco visit on Saturday but have nothing much to report to you because I didn't buy anything out of the ordinary. All I have to say is finally I am down to one can of Chicken of the Sea tuna, which was a big mistake to buy, so this time I bought the Kirkland brand like I had been doing before. There's no comparison - the Kirkland is so much better.

I had lunch with Katie today at the relatively new location of Noodle World in San Marino on Huntington Drive. Such a change from their Valley Boulevard location! I didn't have to deal with crazy drivers and traffic, and I like the look of this one a lot better. The menu is the same and the food tastes the same as the one in Alhambra. You know which one I'm going to next time..

Not much else to say except that on the way home from the usual Saturday night dinner with Julie's family this evening, I noticed that at every 4-way stop, there was another car or cars arriving at the intersection from the left or right at the same time as us. And I mean every stop.

We always take a residential route home and there is hardly anyone on the road. You look up and down the streets and see nary a car. Yet, at each intersection, there they were. And behind them? No one, just empty streets. I hate it when I come to an intersection at a 4-way stop at the same time someone else does, and then you hesitate as to who goes first.

What are the odds? Practically empty streets, yet not so at the intersections. I've thought about this before - do we get caught up in certain "tracks" in which we are destined to have encounters like that? If I pull over and wait for 5 or 10 seconds, would that put me into a different track that resulted in no other cars arriving simultaneously at the intersections?

I know, what odd stuff to think about, but what can I say. I think about odd things.

That's all for today... not even a YouTube. That's in a different track. If you had decided to read today's blog 10 minutes earlier or later than you actually did, the YouTube would have been sitting there below.

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