Friday, March 6, 2009

This Is Supposed to be Good?

Odds and ends today as I type this on Thursday night while taking a break from doing work work stuff..

First, a couple of fast food chains have been advertising their latest creations and I thought I would add my two cents about them.

When's the last time you ate at Arby's? I can't even remember my last time; it must have been decades ago. Have you seen their latest ad blitz for their new Roastburger and how it is superior to the standard greasy hamburger sold by their competitors?

I have to say that looking at the sandwich on television (and their website), I would never even know this was supposed to be roast beef. It looks like ham. Or artificial meat, like shaved spam. It sure doesn't look in the least bit appetizing to me - gimme a hamburger any day! What were they thinking, anyway? Roast beef is supposed to look succulent, not sterile.

That said, I have to disclose that I haven't tried that concoction myself but then I don't intend to. I think it will be more decades from now before I set foot inside of another Arbys.

I did try the "chicken carnitas" heavily touted by El Pollo Loco. From the place that is supposed to be healthy, these are little deep-fired nuggets of chicken enclosed in batter that reminded me of sweet and sour pork (pakkai as I like to call it for which Julie says there is no such Chinese word.. maybe it is some kind of vision affliction). There seemed to be more batter than chicken in the portion I got. It tastes okay but they make it sound and look better than it really is.

Okay, those are my food reviews for the day. Now I have to get back to work. I feel like my worklife is some sort of perverted ponzi scheme.. it keeps piling up and I spit out something that is a finished product that I take off the top while the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. Well I guess that isn't really a ponzi scheme but that's the idea that came to mind. Maybe my workload is like our nation's deficit? It just keeps growing?

Speaking of which, that last paragraph makes a nice little segue into today's YouTube feature:

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