Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tangled Up

Broken record time - Saturday morning and I went to ___ . Actually first I went to my mechanic and dropped off the car for its 30K mile servicing. Unlike car dealerships, they only do what is necessary and charge accordingly, rather than doing who knows what and leave you scratching your head about it when you see the bill.

So my trip to Costco was delayed. This time Julie went too, and we had a nice cheap lunch at the food court. Less than five bucks for the both of us - a Hebrew National polish dog for her and a slice of pepperoni pizza for me plus drinks plus tax, and still got change back from a fiver.

People on Chowhound are raising a big stink about how Costco is replacing the Hebrew National dogs with their own Kirkland brand and how the new dogs are horrible. The Azusa location still has the HN dogs but I'd be interested to see how the Kirkland ones fare. According to the latest issue of the Costco Connection (I almost called it The Reporter - wasn't that what the old Fedco magazine was called? Ah, good old Fedco..), the Kirkland brand was the preferred dog in the taste tests they ran.

Anyway, after soaking up the puddles and pools of grease from the pepperoni, I enjoyed my slice.

Not much to report about what I bought today. Nothing new except for a heavy pan of baked ziti which we haven't tried before. The package says it feeds 13 so you may be wondering why we bought it.. well, it was $9.75 for the whole thing and it looks like you can portion it out and freeze some of it for later. Sorry, no picture; I'm too lazy to get it out of the refrigerator.

I spent a good part of the afternoon recabling the mess behind the audio and video equipment. Here's a picture of most of the cables laid out on the floor, ready to be put back:

My back aches now. But at least I got every single cable labeled in Calibri 9-point font so I know what goes where. All those cables kind of reminds me of playing Chutes and Ladders.

Once everything is hooked up again, this is going to be first thing to be played (well not exactly - I mean from the DVD, not this little YouTube picture!).

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