Monday, March 16, 2009


First off, my dad turned 91 last week. Can I even imagine such a ripe old age? And to be as active as he is? I guess ask me when (if) I get there. Here's a couple of pictures taken at our little birthday lunch celebration last weekend:

Second..I'm making this short since I am attempting to finally clean up all the mess that has been piling up in Greg's room. Time for an online garage sale soon!

Third.. recently a few folks from the past have gotten in touch with me and it was really good to hear from them. I mentioned Alan yesterday. Just a little while before that I heard from Ruben, a friend and classmate back from our 36th Street School days whom I haven't seen since junior high. He still remembers me calling him "four eyes" (well, we all called him that.. although now it is my turn to be four eyes). He ran across me on Classmates and sent a message.

Through this blog I recently heard from Brien, who was Rick's next-door neighbor when we all lived in the 'hood. I didn't know him that well since he was in a different grade but he sent me an e-mail and it was good to hear from him. And I've written about seeing my old junior high buddy JT and having lunch with him, as a result of him coming across this blog and then sending me a thundering e-mail haha..

Anyway, it's such a nice surprise hearing from people and catching up on things. As Alan wrote to me, "We didn't know how good we had it." That is true.. it's like we just resume where we left off.

Here's a three-parter YouTube today (at least before it gets removed for copyright violations):

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