Friday, March 13, 2009

Five-Year Plan

I remember a Peanuts cartoon from long time ago in which Linus tells Charlie Brown, "I love mankind.. it's people I can't stand."

Well you know, my job would be wonderful except some days dealing with people just wears me down. That's one reason why I enjoy working from home a couple of days a week because, even though I do get phone calls, the people aspect of it is minimized. Me, I prefer to be a like the Burgess Merideth character in that Twilight Zone episode where all he wants to do is to be alone so he can read his cherished books.

While sitting at my desk on Wednesday listening to someone complain about everything under the sun, the same thought came to me that has been more and more frequent: I've got to find some way to become financially independent! The mortgage on our house has but five years to go and wouldn't that be grand if I could make my retirement concurrent with the last payment on our loan?

I think that's definitely a worthwhile goal to shoot for. Now I just have to think of how to do it. More on that as it comes to me..

Changing the subject, my daughter posted a link within a comment she left a couple of days ago which I have to give her credit, contains the answer to solving our current crisis in the economy. It is such a simple solution - so much more efficient and less costly than the billions and trillions Obama is throwing to the swine left and right. This simple solution makes our burden 100 times smaller than everyone is claiming it to be.

All we have to do is the same thing that you see in the video below (from the link left in the comment the other day; I just embedded it for you to see). We just need to teach the new math is all.. take a lesson from the Verizon people - we take our deficit and convert it from dollars to cents. Duh, why couldn't we see this before? Can you hear me now?

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