Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I went to see my oncologist for my six-month checkup and received a thumbs-up all-clear, thank God. I put it on the calendar to call for another appointment in six months.

I was a bit apprehensive about today's visit, however. A couple of Saturdays ago I went to Kaiser to give blood samples in anticipation of my appointment today. Normally the results are posted on their website a day or two afterwards (sometimes even on the same day) but this time there was nothing. I checked the day before my appointment and still there were no results.

The first thing I thought was, something in the results must not have been very good and the doctor needs to talk to me about it. Then I thought, no, that makes no sense because if it really was that bad, he would have called and had me come in earlier. But then again, since my appointment was so close to the date of the test maybe he decided to just wait for me to come in to give me the bad news.

Less than five minutes after checking in, the nurse called my name so I went inside to the exam room area. Again I thought, they sure did call me quickly. Maybe the doctor wants to hurry up and see me.

As I sat in the chair having my blood pressure and temperature checked, I wondered if the nurse was looking at me in a strange way as if she knew something. Had she seen my results? I thought about bringing up the fact that I never got my online results and asking why, but decided not to.

Finally I saw the doctor. He asked me how I was doing, I told him, and then he said the lab tests came back fine and everything looks okay so I should just come back to see him in another six months.

I asked him about the lab tests. He told me that the date that the previous lab tests would be "cleared" was March 14. In other words, they figured I wouldn't be back so soon, so the system was set to only post lab results on or after March 14, and I had gone in before that date. He told me normally patients make their appointments for later, not earlier and that's why I didn't get any results online.

I told him normally I would be like the typical patient, but Julie kept nagging me to hurry up and make an appointment so that's why I was early. Then I told him about my suspicions regarding why I never got my lab results.

He had a good laugh over that.

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