Saturday, March 21, 2009


A couple of long-time sales reps at our company resigned this week.

That's a great sign. It's a sign that the new sales manager we hired at the end of January is doing his job. It remains to be seen how many more of the existing group will leave (either voluntarily or involuntarily) but I think the message has now been sent to either get with the program or get out.

You know what it was like before? Like someone who complains about an annoying dog that keeps coming around the house and asking when is this dog going to leave and when are things going to get better. Then someone else asks that person, why do you feed the dog every day?

Well, the dogs aren't being fed anymore. It isn't rocket science - any fool could ask the same question: how long are you going to keep sales reps who don't sell anything?

The tail isn't wagging the dog anymore.. I think we've turned the corner.

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