Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Evil That Lurks Within

Today (Friday as I write this) is "Pink Friday," referred to as such because teachers are making this their official day to protest the many pink slips that are being issued due to budget cuts. First of all, it is indeed unfortunate to have to lose any good teachers. Secondly, though, the economy is suffering and everyone has to suffer along, teachers and non-teachers.

Notice I said good teachers. One big problem we have, at least here in California, is that there are a significant number of lousy teachers out there who you can't get rid of. Here is why, and the reason why our education system has continued to sink lower and lower vis a vis other systems:

This may offend people but I'm sorry, the truth hurts. One of the greatest evils in our society is.. the employee union. It exists only to feed itself at the expense of societal good. Yes, at one time unions were a good idea but society has changed, and the operation of the union has become so perverted that it does far more harm to society than good.

And the most evil, insidious union of them all? The teachers union. What a selish, me-first organization. What a wonderful example to set for our children.

I find it laughable how they resist all attempts at implementing a performance-based system of compensation and instead want to operate on one that favors the lowest common denominator (do most teachers even know what a lowest common denominator is? I think not). Unions favor mediocrity and discourage excellence; nowhere it is demonstrated more tragically than with teachers.

Why should the poor performers in any profession be retained? It is practically impossible to fire a teacher, no matter how awful they are.

Everyone knows who the good and bad teachers are. When I grew up we all knew. No, the "good" teachers weren't the ones who were the easiest or let the students slack off. Sure, we liked it but we knew we sure wouldn't want our own kids to have a teacher like that. The best teachers were the ones who were able to make us learn - who cared about us, who inspired and motivated us - the ones we respected. Maybe it was grudging respect, but nevertheless, respect.

There are plenty of teachers who are like that, and I am all for rewarding them very highly. But on the other hand, there are also plenty of teachers who are just the opposite. Why do we keep them??? Because of the union, that's why. Rather than raise everyone up to a higher standard, they would prefer to drag everyone down to the lowest.

Now just how does this jibe with trying to get your students to excel? If you want your students to be like your union, then you ought to give every kid the same grade. And promote them to the next grade until they graduate, no matter what. Wow, a system like that would really prepare them for the real world - IF they got a union job, that is.

Now, I watched Norma Rae and cheered for her as did everyone else in the audience and, I feel, rightly so. But if Norma Rae were here to see what has become of her cherished unions and the self-serving mediocrity they promote, she'd be on the other side, trying to get rid of these evil organizations - in particular, ones like the California Teachers Association or whatever they call themselves.

It disgusts me.

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