Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back In the Hood

It was a normal Saturday morning for me - another visit to Costco. And this time I have some pictures to post of things I hadn't previously purchased. Thanks to the coupon book that recently arrived in the mail, I put some things in the cart that normally I'd pass by.

Like these multigrain tortilla chips.

And pita bites.

And, even though the nutritional information is on the horrifying side, every time I pass by these pies, the picture on the box looks so good that today I finally caved and said what the heck. There wasn't even a coupon for this, either. Doesn't it look delish?

After Costco, Julie and I took a drive back to my old 'hood - the Crenshaw area. The recent rains caused the roof to leak at my parents house, resulting in a lot of mold growth as well as damage to the back walls. The broker found a firm that specializes in mold eradication and they finished the work last week so I wanted to take a look at it.

Before going to the house, we had lunch at Tak's Coffee Shop. It's owned by the folks who used to run the Holiday Bowl Coffee Shop (the area where that used to be now has a Starbucks resting on it, sad to say). I'd never been to Tak's and wanted to try it out.

We had to wait for a table when we got there. We both ordered breakfast; me, portugeuse sausage with eggs and rice, and Julie had canadian bacon with eggs and.. grits. Grits? I asked why did she order grits and she said because the hash browns would be too greasy. Go figure.

As we ate I had a view of the television and could see the Bruins getting stomped on by Villanova. That was as sad as seeing Starbucks in place of Holiday Bowl.

The food was decent, and certainly generously portioned. Tak's has a very comfortable feel to it, with friendly waitresses and happy patrons. We both liked it.

After Tak's, we went to my parents house. As we drove through the neighborhood, Julie remarked that it looked pretty nice. "This doesn't look bad. These houses look pretty nice. It's a lot nicer than El Monte." ..and she thought those fancy houses on Norton behind Tak's were nice, too.

The mold people (haha, the mold people) had to take off some of the drywall in the back two bedrooms and also removed the carpet. At least there are some solid hardwood floors underneath. Now the next step is to have a contractor put things back together.

I took some pictures of the empty house and also did a video tour. With the house now in escrow, all that we'll have left are the pictures and videos along with our memories. I snapped a couple of pictures of the front of the house before we left, too.

Here's some of the pictures:

And, today's YouTube is about the place where we had lunch today. I may have already posted this before, but it's good for a rerun.

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