Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4 Sale

Things are piling up fast in Greg's room. I think I mentioned that in a prior blog. Anyway, it is time for my online garage sale.

Before it gets even more out of hand, take a look and see if you want to take any off of my hand(s): click here.

Oh, and you needn't ask, "why do you have so many speakers??? Do you have a fetish or something??" because several people have already asked that question, and yes, I suppose I do.

Any questions about the stuff for sale, feel free to ask! I'll give you the straight scoop.

Today I found out that someone at work that I have been saying for the longest time that we should get rid of, resigned. One of the reasons he gave was that he realized he has been a "drag on the company."

Rather than be elated, I kind of felt sorry for him. Well, not sorry enough to try and talk him into staying, but after all this time I've been arguing that we needed to do something about him and now I find out he's leaving, I feel bad.

I guess I am no better than Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore show). It's like how she might have felt had Ted Baxter quit and told everyone that he realized he was a drag on the television station. Well, maybe not. MTM wouldn't have been so critical in the first place.

In that first video, from the first season of the show, I always wondered why they showed her weaving in her lane like that. Didn't she know how to drive better? Anyway.. don't we all wish we had a co-worker like her?

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