Monday, February 16, 2009


I looked at the Best Buy ad today to see what Blu Ray discs were on sale, and lo and behold, they had the recently released Amadeus for only $14.99! Amazon had it listed for $26.99 and I was hoping someone would have it on sale but I didn't expect to see it at such a discount.

I already have this movie on DVD (and used to have it on VHS, too) but the prospect of better picture and sound made me want to get the Blu Ray version. Heck, at $14.99 that was a no-brainer purchase.

So off we went to Best Buy and.. the shelf was empty. There was no separate display for it so it looked like all they would have had at most was about 5 copies. I asked one of the employees if there were any more in the store. He checked and told me nope, no more and it didn't show in the warehouse meaning it would take at least two weeks to be restocked.

I asked if I could get a raincheck. He had to look it up on their computer. He came back and said yes, but it was coming up at the regular price so he had to go somewhere to get that fixed. I waited a while then he came back, punched more stuff in the computer, something printed out and then he said he thought their main printer was broken so he had to go somewhere else to print the raincheck.

I waited some more and after a few minutes he returned with the raincheck. All of this took about 15 minutes. I thanked him and also apologized for taking up so much of his time but he was happy to help. Then I was thinking, I have to wait at least two weeks for this and then come back to this store with its crowded parking lot? Too bad Circuit City had taken a nosedive because I could have gone there and gotten a price match. Oh, well.

When I got home I looked at and there was Amadeus in Blu Ray for.. $14.99! An even better deal since they don't charge sales tax and I get free two-day shipping! Plus I even had 63 cents left over from a gift certificate so it only set me back $14.36. Such a deal!!

And that was my big thrill for the day. I thought I got a great bargain, though!

By the way, today's title is "Woofie" even though I know in the movie the nickname his wife uses for him is really "Wolfie" and not "Woofie" but "Woofie" sounds better. I used to know someone whose dog had that name.. or maybe it was really "Wolfie" and all these years I misheard what she called him.

Here's a clip from the movie that I really like (and no, it's not a scene with that dopey laugh):

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