Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why People Are Like Water and Why Congress Is Stupid

Haha, can you tell today is going to be a rant? What I mean by people being like water is that they will just fill up whatever space you give them, and if you don't stop them they will overflow.

Take for example all this bailout money that is being thrown away. The other day some of the bank CEO's were put under the heat lamp and grilled by Congress as to how they squandered the $160 billion or so (about that much; I am sure no one really knows the exact number, especially anyone in the government) that they were given to keep doing what they've been doing all these years.

Now how stupid is that, to give them that much money and then LATER come back and ask how they spent it? Wouldn't you want to be in control of it the entire time to make sure it was spent properly?

That's like if your kid wastes all his money during summer vacation and doesn't have a penny to his name by the time he needs to pay for the next semester of college. So he asks you for a $2 million bailout for school expenses, which is proportional to what the banks and other leeches have been asking for.

And you, being as stupid as the U.S. Government, gives it to him and tells him he better use it the right way. Then 6 weeks into the semester you discover that he is not enrolled in school. You ask him where that $2 million went and he shrugs, trying to make the Porsche he just bought small enough to fit behind him so you can't see it.

So when you find out, you yell at him and speak very sternly. Well duh, don't you think maybe YOU should have paid for college directly instead of funneling it through your wasteful son's hands? And controlled the rest of the purse strings instead of grumbling about it after the fact? Then maybe when you give him the next $2 million you might be a little wiser.

Another piece of evidence as to how stupid Congress is: wasting all this time and money about delaying the transition to all-digital television. Why? Because so many people aren't ready.

When we found out about the transition that was supposed to take place this month, we requested our discount coupons for the digital converter then went to Wal Mart and shelled out our $9.95 plus sales tax for the box. We've had digital for a while now and it's great. How long have they been telling people about this???

You know, as long as you let someone get away with it, they will. Make the mandatory switch to digital and just see how fast those who haven't yet bought their conversion equipment run out and buy it. But if you keep giving them slack, they'll keep taking it.

No different at my workplace. We just brought on a new sales manager that I have high hopes for because finally someone is trying to hold our sales reps accountable. Before that they were running wild.

If you let people run wild, they will. Is Congress that stupid? Well, they run pretty wild themselves. If our new president can ever find any cabinet people who don't get disqualified, maybe things will get better.

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