Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Happening

For the few of you reading this blog you may be wondering what happened to me since I haven't posted with the alarming regularity that you have gotten used to.

I'm just busy, is all. Work is very busy. In fact after I write this (at 8:35 pm on Tuesday evening) I am going to do some more work. But that's good - finally we have someone running the sales department who seems like they are going to achieve success so I am more than happy to help out.

I just thought I'd post to let you know I am still here. I even got a haircut today so I don't look like I am wearing a hat anymore.

Other quick observations: if you want a cheap source for decent cables, I found out about Audio, video, electrical cables, speaker wire - everything is dirt cheap over there! And they are located in Rancho Cucamonga which means if you are in So Cal you get your items right away. The only drawback is paying shipping (but even so, it turns out to be less than what you pay at a normal store) and sales tax (ugh). I've already bought too much from them.

Also, I didn't watch Obama's speech tonight but in general, I still feel like we are just throwing pearls before swine. If you were to calculate an efficiency factor of the bailout money, meaning the amount put to actual good use to stimulate the economy versus the total amount given, I'd say on average for all the recipients it would be somewhere between 10-20%. The rest? Just like when you fill out a time sheet and have to allocate the hours you worked to specific tasks, you sit there scratching your head wondering where the heck the hours went. Well, no different with the bailout money. All the execs at these big institutions that lost all their money and now will lose all your money will be similarly scratching their heads. (remember that old Pepsodent commercial - you'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.. now it is, you'll wonder where your money went when you leave it to our president).

Put the money in the hands of the people - that is where it will be better utilized. If you were to do that, sure, some of it would be left lying around inside of a mattress. But most of it would either be spent or put into savings or invested in some way. Either way, that would stimulate the economy by putting the money into circulation. These wasteful institutions would then have to compete for your dollars, meaning they would have to provide something valuable in return to outdo the competition so that they, rather than their competitors, would get those dollars.

The way it is now, what incentive do these big slugs have to compete if we just shower them with dollars?? Sure, there will be jobs generated, etc., but I can just imagine so much of this money will be wasted that the efficiency factor will be nowhere near what it would be if we just gave it directly to the people to use.

You throw money at colleges and how much of it will be truly used to improve the educational process or make them more attractive to students? On the other hand, give it to students so they can choose where to go, and you will see the colleges put in the effort to attract those students, meaning the quality of education will improve.

All these wasteful companies will just be sitting there lying on their sofas, eating bunches of grapes, er, our tax dollars.

Okay, back to work..

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