Sunday, February 22, 2009


If you play the odds, you would bet that I'd start my Saturday morning at Costco and you'd bet right.

Today I spied a new entree in the refrigerated case so I took a chance and put it in the cart: shrimp and crab with penne, in a Creole cream sauce:

It's so much easier buying pre-made entrees but in many (most?) cases the nutritional label horrifies me. This Creole one wasn't too bad, but more often than not, an entree looks good and winds up discouraging when I see that one serving, which generally is the size of something that seems more for a child porton, gives you nearly the entire day's requirement or allowance of sodium and saturated fats.

They also had a chop suey entree. I laughed when I saw that. Chop suey??

The only other item that wasn't something I normally buy was a box of pluots. They looked good but I have no idea if they are ready to eat or not, or if you have to allow them to ripen. Since they were in the very cold refrigerated room where they keep perishables I assume they must be ready to eat. The main reason I bought it is from laziness - all you have to do is wash them; you don't have to peel them (do you?) or pull out stems.

After reading all the horrifying nutrition labels, we ate lunch at Jack In The Box, where I ordered my favorite food of theirs, tacos. Haha.. well, there's no nutritional labels on the little bag they come in to discourage me.

My mouth was watering after perusing the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer that arrived in the mail a couple of days ago, and I circled a few things to get. Like this Indian entree:

Thing is, I find that when I actually go to TJ's and look at the item in person, a lot of times it doesn't look very good. Or it looks downright tiny for the price - I guess I'm used to Costco-sized portions and prices.

An example is char siu (which to me is chashu). Yes, I know I shouldn't be buying something like that at TJ's but it sounded good in the flyer. Upon examination at the store it didn't look very appetizing, though. Still, they have a lot of good stuff and I'd much rather go there than a normal grocery store.

This morning when I was clipping my toenails it reminded me again that my body is not symmetrical. I can't put my right foot in the same position that I do my left when I cut the nails. The left side is more flexible and thus easier to position than the right side.

I already mentioned a while ago that my right eyebrow arches higher than my left one.. and I notice that when I scratch my upper back reaching upward from behind (as opposed to putting my arm over the opposite shoulder), my left arm can go higher than the right. On the other hand (or foot), I am able to separate my pinky toe on my right foot from the others whereas I am unable to do this on the left foot.

I just wondered how many other people were lopsided like me..

When I was little once in a while we would have chop suey from Chung King. Have you ever eaten that? It's nasty!!

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