Friday, February 27, 2009


I tell you, this lingering cold is driving me nuts. Now I have started to sneeze and alternate between a runny and clogged nose which I hope signals the end of this hassle. That plus being very busy at work has kept me not only from posting here, but has put me far behind on replying to my e-mails as well!

Today I was dismayed to find that my printer wouldn't work. I kept getting an error message about the print spool subsystem being shut down or not running or whatever. I searched online for a solution and saw that several people had the same problem, mainly on Windows XP (I'm using Vista) but the solutions that were proposed didn't work for me. Restarting the spool only resulted in it stopping again when I tried to resume printing.

Then I remembered that Vista, like XP, has restore points that you can go back to just in case some annoyance occurs, like my printer situation. I restored it back to a point in the early afternoon and lo and behold, the printer works now! The restore point was at the time of the latest Windows update so it looks to me like Windows itself caused the problem. Grr...

One project that I would like to get done is to clean up the spaghetti cord tangle that is behind the audio/video gear in the house. The picture below doesn't really do it justice since it is only from the side angle; looking at it from the front would disclose cords going every which way.

See those cords? That is nothing compared to the way our government works. At least all of my cords are connected to something, are working, and serve a purpose. And, they can be straightened out.. more than I can say for our government.

Anyway, my plan is to label each cord then rewire everything so it is nice and neat. No more of this pretzel logic wiring!

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