Sunday, February 1, 2009

Radio Roulette

Another Saturday another Costco trip. This morning I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses from their optical shop which turned out to be way cheaper than the regular pair I recently got that was covered by insurance. Go figure.. No pictures, though, since it will take about 7-10 days. I thought shape-wise the lens part looks a little bit like the ones worn by Neo (Keanu Reeves) in the Matrix, although the frames are black plastic and not wire.

A 50 lb. sack of Japanese-type Cal Rose rice was $24 and change. I forgot to take a picture of it and it's too heavy for me to drag out of the closet and take one now.

It was such a clear morning when I left for Costco that I took my chances with the radio and hoped for matching music. The past few times I've tuned to music stations it's been really disappointing. It seems like either the music is good or bad, no in between and lately the luck of the draw has been on the poor side.

As soon as I turned on the radio, Layla came blaring out of the speakers. That was good sign - a perfect song for the weather, a song I never tire of. I got pretty lucky - there were lots of other songs to sing along with on the drive out to Costco and back, among them:

Take it Easy (Eagles version); Elton John's The Bitch is Back (takes me back to student store days at UCLA when the Caribou album came out and everyone in the store dedicated this song to the woman that ran the Bearwear department, Marge A.); Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water (studio, not live version); Turn! Turn! Turn! by the Byrds; and this one:

Actually the above video is a live version and not what was popular on the radio way back when. I was thinking a couple of things while driving: first, the sound system in my car isn't very good, and second, is it the specific version of the song that evokes the memories and feelings or the song itself? For example, with the Spinner's live version of the song, does it bring back the same feeling that the original 45 does?

I always get a certain feeling when I hear the opening guitar chords of this song. But it's got to be the original, not the altered live version. Just so's you can compare, here's the original:

For me for any song, it's got to be the original. I think my brain is wired so that it has to hear very specific sounds to bring back the good old days. And as for the sound coming out of the speakers in my car.. oh, well. Maybe that works against my argument about needing to hear specific sounds because if that were truly the case, the music would have to sound more like AM radio to really ring true to those days.

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