Sunday, February 15, 2009

No More Wire Coat Hangers!

I've got a headache so I don't feel much like writing. My visit to Costco this morning (Saturday) was pretty uneventful, although I did sample a bite of a chicken burrito and a beef tamale (the tamale tasted better; it's the same as the box that is sitting in our freezer).

I also returned the Varilux Clean Sweep germ detonator. What I like about Costco is they just accept returns, no questions asked as long as you have the receipt and are within the time guidelines. No interrogation like they do at some other stores, where you expect Lawrence Olivier to come out from the back with some dental appliances and make you sit in a chair so he can find out why you want your money back.

I even explained to the girl behind the counter why, and she politely listened although I surmised she could care less. She gave me back a credit on my card and then placed a "nonsaleable" sticker on the box. That kind of made me feel bad since there was nothing wrong with it, I put everything neatly back in place inside the box, and it was my own laziness that prompted me to make the return, but on the other hand in bold letters on the big sign above the counter it does say that Costco guarantees satisfaction with all merchandise they sell. And I wasn't satisfied.

Anyway, what's with the wire coat hangers in the title today? I've been on a hi-fi/audio kick lately and have been reading various audio forums and came across an interesting article. Someone conducted an experiment in which they did a blindfold comparison to see if anyone could tell the difference in sound between using Monster-brand speaker cables or wire coat hangars to connect their speakers to the amplifier. No one could.

You can read the article here.

There were some good comments on the article, too. Someone said now Monster will start making expensive coat hangers and telling you how it is better to hang your clothes on them than regular hangers.

I tried finding a clip from the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy meets the snake oil salesman but no luck. But I did find the one below - same idea, just pretend the guy is advertising Monster Cable and all those other over-hyped things in life (by the way, there's also a prediction of the future in the beginning of this clip, i.e., Dorothy's reference to the wicked witch of the west is clever symbolism for Circuit City).

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