Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lunchin' With JT - part two

I'm still under the weather with a stuffy cold and this rain doesn't help much although it is kind of nice to be cozy indoors listening to it instead of driving in it right now.

I never did get to the rest of the account of my lunch a little over a week ago with JT, my friend from junior high and high school days that I hadn't seen since we were both Dorsey Dons.

Here's just a few more bits and pieces to share with you.. his recollection of the events on our Foshay campus when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated differed radically from mine. I had related in a recent post that aside from the only white kid in our school being taken home by the vice principal, not too much happened.

As we sat eating our burgers, JT asked me, "Weren't you in the gym that day when they started beating all of us up? And they banged that kid's head into the drinking fountain? Was that you they did that do?"

Did I blank all that trauma from my memory? Even when he described it, nothing flashed; I was blank. "It wasn't me," I told him. "I don't remember anything like that happening at all."

He said some of the black kids were going nuts, beating up all the non-black kids. I remember feeling tense because of the assassination and worried over the possible violence that might occur, but all I can recall is that my worries were for naught. I sure don't remember any of those altercations JT mentioned.

He said a bunch of people went to his house after school since he lived nearby and played basketball until their moms came to pick them up. "Weren't you there at my house?" JT asked.

I shook my head. "I walked home with Michael Jones that day."

"Alan Jones was there, too," he said. "You remember Alan? The tall skinny guy?"

"Remember? He was my best buddy," I said. JT then proceeded to tell me how he and Alan used to ride their bikes all over the place. We both agreed on what a great guy he was. I told him how I recently found out he was an investment advisor and seemed to be pretty successful. Not surprising.

We went on to talk about other things. He said he hated junior high. I said I liked junior high and hated high school. I told him what I didn't like was how political things were in high school, whereas at Foshay we could just say whatever was on our minds to each other, no matter how insulting it was and we were all okay with that. "We were pretty rude to each other," I laughed.

"If we were all together now we'd still be talking that way," JT observed.

And something I observed during our lunch - we sounded like a couple of JA's from the 'hood, back to the way we used to talk in our Foshay days. Maybe JT talks like that all the time but for me, I'll only slip into it occasionally if something conjures it up. I sure do enjoy talking that way, though - it's so comfortable!

As lunch was over, we both declared that we'd have to get together sometime soon and talk story some more. I wondered if we'd really do that, or if more and more time would go by and soon we'd forget about it. I hope we'll take each other up on it and meet up again before too long a stretch.

Meanwhile, that evening I did some googling on Alan Jones and found him listed on LinkedIn. I think I'm gonna send him a note and see if he remembers me. I'll let you know what happens..

Today's YouTube: nostalgia for nostalgia's sake. Hey, watch them while you can because I notice an alarming number of them are being pulled for "copyright violations."

sigh.. if only they would put THAT show on DVD..

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