Sunday, February 8, 2009

Light Sabre Saturday

Back to normal schedule for Saturday - first stop was Costco. This cold still plagues me but not enough to keep me from my favorite store.

The first thing I did was pick up a couple of prescriptions for my mom and was horrified at the cost: $211.90!! I can imagine how much it would be at a regular drugstore.

There was a short blurb in this month's Costco Connection magazine about a device that kills germs and some harmful pests using ultraviolet light, that the warehouses stock (hmm.. that is, the warehouses stock the devices, not the germs and harmful pests although maybe they do that, too). I made a point to look for it today and there it was on one of the shelves - for seventy smackers.

Maybe with Julie and me both sick that helped me decide to put the box in the cart and try it out. It comes with two units, one for the house and a smaller, portable one for traveling so you can disinfect pillows, sheets and other stuff in your hotel room that you don't know where it's been or who touched it. The larger one looks kind of like one of those light sabres from Star Wars. I wonder if it hums the same way? Here's a picture of the box, and they put scary pictures of the microscopic things it kills on it to sway you into making a purchase:

My sunglasses were ready. Here's a picture of them (not on me, of course). Kind of makes me look like a hornet. I mentioned last week that they look sort of like what Neo wears in The Matrix. The lenses are very dark, too, which makes them more intimidating.

We went to WalMart after lunch and once again I couldn't help comparing the two stores. It's like going back into the 50's stepping into WalMart. I bought some Bactine because my dad wanted it. Yes, they still make Bactine - do you remember it? The selling point, as I recall from when I was little, was that it didn't hurt/sting as much as other medicines for wounds and scrapes. Probably because it just ran off like water and disappeared! (sorry, no picture.. then I discovered there are two bottles of it in my medicine cabinet although they both expired back in the 90's).

Tonight we ate dinner with Julie's family at a new Chinese restaurant: Lunasia. I think they were trying to spell Lunacy in a fancy way. It's where Triumphal Palace used to be (just another fancy place that all the flaky Chowhound people fawned over and raved about as the greatest Chinese food of all time that went out of business) and the room is beautiful. Their overhead must be incredibly high. The food was less than mediocre, however. I'd rather eat at Panda Express any day.

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