Friday, February 20, 2009

Life O' Riley

Today I took my dad to get a chest x-ray. The radiology lab operates on a walk-in basis for taking x-rays; we entered a crowded waiting room at 10:15 and he didn't get called until 12:45. Five minutes later he was done and we left.

I don't understand why there is such a long wait for x-rays when it is a five minute process from going into the room where they take the x-ray to coming out of that room.

Luckily my job is such that I have the freedom to take some time during the day for things like that. When we were driving back, I thought about how I needed to get back to work and hadn't anticipated taking anywhere near as long as it took to get the x-rays done, but was thankful that at least I was able to do so.

Then I thought, wouldn't it be nice if I was financially well off enough to not have to work. When I had lunch with JT recently, he told me how he had retired a few years ago and how nice it was to have every day be a day in which he could do whatever he wanted.

But now he is back in the working world because he received an offer too good to pass up.

I don't think he really needs to work, though. plus it sounds like he has a great job right now. That's the difference - having the freedom to choose if you want to work or not, and not having to depend on a job but when you do work, it is something you really enjoy.

Well, for most of us I guess that's just a dream but I keep thinking, is it so far fetched? Where there's a will, there's a way and maybe I should really apply my mind to the task. Things get cast in an entirely different light when you don't have to do them.

I enjoy my job now, which is a blessing, but the thing is, I have to do it (or do something to earn a living).

Today was Vine offering day from Amazon. Noon on the third Thursday of each month is when they list what samples I can send for and I can choose two of them. I got home at 1:30 after taking my dad back and was thinking there wouldn't be anything good left to choose.

I looked at the list and there was hardly anything on it anyway. Each month it seems to get more and more sparse. Whereas past offerings had up to 5 pages or more, today had just one. On it were 3 books, 4 different flavors of soda of which you got one can as a sample, a jar of Neutrogena moisturizing cream that was already sold out, and two different sets of PC speakers made by Altec Lansing.

So I took both models of the speakers. More clutter for the house. I was kind of surprised that they were still available to choose, seeing as how I got a late start and electronic stuff is usually the first to go. I think it is because Altec Lansing doesn't make very good speakers. Well, they're free so the price is right; even though I've run through numerous sets of PC speakers, I will try them out and duly do my reviews. It seems better than last month when all I got was a bottle of raspberry-chipotle sauce that tastes more like pancake syrup, and a tour guide for Argentina.

Oh, and I also ordered a one-year subscription to Rolling Stone. Amazon has a deal this month that if you buy any DVD, you can get a subscription for only a buck. What the heck, for $1.00 I can try and get up to speed on all these people in the music world that I've never heard of because I'm mired in the 60's and 70's!

Anyway, that was my day today.. still thinking about how to achieve that life of riley, though..

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