Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuna and Shameful Excess

Today was rather uneventful and pretty much all I have to relate to you about my day is the canned tuna I had for lunch.

Normally I buy Kirkland albacore tuna from Costco but the last time I bought Chicken of the Sea instead because it was.. cheaper.

I thought back to my elementary school days when I used to bring tuna sandwiches for lunch that my mom had made - tuna mixed with mayo and relish on white. I used to put potato chips in it for crunch and they were my favorite kind of sandwich. Amazing that none of us who brought tuna sandwiches wound up with x's in our eyes considering they sat there unrefrigerated in our lunch pails or brown bags for a few hours.

Back then it was either Chicken of the Sea or Starkist. I grew up thinking these were the trustworthy brands. So faced with Chicken of the Sea and Kirkland staring at me at Costco, I chose economy and put the 12-pack of Chicken of the Sea in the cart.

That was a mistake.

How different can white meat albacore packed in water be between brands? Quite a bit different. The Kirkland tuna is far superior. The Chicken of the Sea has a lot more water in it, the meat isn't as firm, nor is it as white as the Kirkland brand. It just doesn't look as good. Taste-wise I really don't know since I didn't compare them side by side and I mix it with with other stuff anyway, but that's the last time I stray from the Kirkland brand for my tuna!

And that's your consumer report for the day.

On another note, I would just like to vent my outrage at more of the waste that goes on that led to the even bigger waste of providing bailout funds for the clowns that ran their companies into the ground.

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal how John Thain, the ex-CEO of Merrill Lynch who got the boot the other day, paid plenty of bonuses to the employees, the average pay of whom was in the mid-$200K/year range. Can you believe that? The lousy firm loses $27 billion last year and they pay bonuses to the employees that helped them lose that much???

On top of that, the louse spent $1.2 million renovating his office! What can you possibly spend that much money on for an office?? Well, $87K of it was for a rug. Yes, a throw-rug.

I just found it unbelievable that anyone would be so lacking in conscience, although I am sure he is not alone. It takes more than one to eat up $700 billion and now the $852 billion more proposed by our new pres. Think Pac Man and you get the idea..

Thus the title of today's blog - tuna and excess, totally unrelated - well, except for the fishiness of it all. I tell you, if you put all of these worthless execs in cans, they would certainly not measure up quality-wise to even the worst catfish of the sea brand fish parts. The smell would drive anyone away.

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