Monday, January 26, 2009

One Ton of Metal

I got my new glasses on Friday. I like them. Julie didn't like them although she's getting used to them now (she has no choice, haha).

Today at Costco I saw almost exactly the same frames as what I just got, only they cost about $100 less. So even without insurance it would have been cheaper to get them there. Oh, well. I should have known!

Here's the old frames:

Here's the new ones:

I spared you having to look them with me wearing them. Anyway, I wanted something that looked more studious and serious and got my wish, I guess.

Today at WalMart they were playing the old Sandpipers song, "Guantanamera" over the sound system. That reminded me of something I read long time ago about misheard lyrics. A woman wrote that she had always thought that instead of "guantanamera," they were singing: "one ton of metal / oh, he lifts one ton of metal / one ton of me-tal.... oh he lifts one ton of metal."

When I was little I used to listed to the Beatles a lot. One of the lines from "I Saw Her Standing There" was, "Now I'll never dance with another, woooo, when I saw her standing there." I asked my sister, "what is a wooo?" She tried to explain it to me but I didn't get it.

Back in our Easy Livin' days, "Badge" by Cream was on our playlist. I had trouble with those lyrics, too. When he sings, "I told you 'bout a kid, now he's married to Mabel," I always thought he was singing, "I told you 'bout a kid, now he's not a tomato."

Everyone else in the band looked at me. "What kind of sense does that make?" I just shrugged and turned red. I told them I dunno, that's what I thought he was saying all this time.

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