Sunday, January 11, 2009


I did my usual Saturday morning trip to Costco but it was rushed. I had to be back in time for us to attend a memorial service for a friend from church who passed away from cancer the day after Christmas.

Thankfully traffic was light on the freeway and inside Costco, including the checkout line (no one was in front of me). You get a break today as I have no pictures to post since everything I purchased was a repeat item.

The memorial began at 11. We arrived at church a little after 10:30 and already the parking lot was filling up rapidly. I'd say altogether somewhere between 1,200 and 2,000 people showed up - sorry for such a wide range but I am not good at estimating numbers like that, but it seems that is the most crowded our sanctuary has ever been.

I wasn't real close with Dennis C. I've talked to him a lot over the years, and we attended the same Bible study as well as sang in choir together but we didn't socialize outside of church. Still, I was deeply affected and saddened by the loss because, as Julie said today and it is exactly what I was thinking, he was one of the most Godly persons we've ever known.

Even in his weakened state, he was always encouraging to everyone, always had a smile and a kind word for people. I had the utmost respect and admiration for him because he was one of those individuals who seemingly had a talent for everything and was so generous and giving of his self whenever there was a need. He was that way when I met him nearly 15 years ago. He was the kind of person who would never let you down - no matter how well or how little he knew you, you could always trust him to keep his word.

His wife, Virginia, was a former Dorsey Don (Donna?), something I had forgotten until the service today. So just like I would always do, I came home and looked her up in the yearbook; she graduated two years after I did. Thing is, I remember her although I don't recall talking to her back then, but I do picture her always wearing plaid skirts or dresses.

Anyway, I'm in a somber mood after today's service, although I do smile because I know he's in heaven right now. I can just imagine when he met the Lord in person, he heard the words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Like I said, I knew Dennis within the structure of church activities, but he was the type of person who always made people feel like they were his good buddy. It's no wonder that so many people showed up today - it was a gathering of his good buddies.

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