Friday, January 30, 2009

Lunchin' With JT

JT found out about this blog because his brother was doing family research in Google, typed in JT's name and came up with this blog. He asked JT, "Hey, do you know someone named Rickie Miyake?"

I interrupted JT as he was telling me this at lunch today (Thursday). "What did your brother say - this guy's talkin' trash about you?" I laughed.

And that's how he came to find the blog, leading to his e-mailing me and suggesting we get together for lunch. We were buddies in junior high and even though we're both Dorsey Dons, we didn't really hang around each other in high school. He even asked me if I had graduated from there because he didn't remember me on campus.

"I kept myself anonymous," I said.

Maybe you can guess who I'm talking about but I'll just refer to him as "JT" here. I seem to have a lot of J's that I refer to by initials.. like "JT" and "J" and "JET," haha.. what can I say? I'm not responsible for their names.

We met at The Hat. You don't go there and order something other than pastrami, but that's what we did, both getting hamburgers (which to me were average at best). "I try and stay away from that stuff," he said. "I can only eat half of a pastrami now." Ah, we're both getting old. Same here.

I told someone at work I was meeting JT for lunch, the circumstances of how we got in touch, and that I hadn't seen him since high school so I had no idea what to expect. "What if he's gay?" she asked.

Hmm. I hadn't thought about that. Well, what if he is. But he isn't.

He was waiting at one of the outside tables when I arrived, and I knew it was him. I wouldn't have picked him out in a crowd, but I figured this had to be him because there was a resemblance to the JT I used to know. He said he'd never recognize me. Maybe he was trying to do that by looking at my hair, which he said used to be long and I was that 'messy haired boy' that was always pushing back his bangs. Man, I hadn't thought of that in a long time. I'm still messy haired, but shorter.

So over our burgers we brought each other up to date on what we've been doing since our Dorsey days. He told me he ran into Kurtis at the Costco in Torrance not too long ago. "He's almost bald - he's like a ji-chan, just has some hair on the side," JT explained as he moved his hands around his head to show me where the hairs still existed. "I saw him and said, 'man, Kurtis, you look old! What happened to you?'" That cracked me up.

As might be expected, the conversation turned to girls back from our Foshay days. Like the 9th graders when we were squeaky callow 7th graders. "Some of them were really fine," he mused as the memories floated back.

I pointed out that he used to be crazy about Masayo.

"Oh yeah, Masayo. She was fiiiine!" Then he told me how a lot of them were in orchestra, and he tried remembering their names.

"Gerry.." I said.

"Gerry - I remember her. She was fine, too!"

If you had been listening to us you'd be in awe of how many times the word 'fine' was spoken.

We both agreed there weren't that many of those fine types in our own grade. But then there weren't that many Asian girls in our class to begin with. He was trying to remember the name of one particularly fine Chinese girl but his mind was blank. He said she was tall, thin and had really nice long hair. I was trying to think of who he was talking about. "Angelina?" I asked.

"Angelina - I saw her a while ago," he said. He had seen her and told her she looked familiar, and she said the same thing to him. Small world. But it wasn't Angelina. I kept thinking who it could be.

"Lena?" I asked. She was a half-step lower than us (back when we had the "A" and "B" parts of grade levels) but she's the only other person I could think of that fit the bill.

"Yeah, that's it! Lena! She was fine!" I told him I had to agree because I had a crush on her back then. But she wasn't in our grade.

"She wasn't?"

Then I told him how I ran into her about ten years ago at a funeral. She recognized me but I didn't recognize her. We sat together at the post-funeral lunch afterwards at General Lee's and caught up on old times. I told JT, "Her sister Doris was there, too. I didn't recognize her either but she was really fine in junior high."

"Doris.. Doris. She had bangs, right?" I nodded. "Oh yeah, she was fine."

We also agreed that to our little 7th grade eyes, the 9th graders had looked like grown ups back then.

I'll stop here with part one and leave you with an appropriate song:

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