Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like a Korean Drama

I was thinking about the chance encounter I described a couple of days ago in this blog when I found out the poor girl my buddies and I used to torture in the tutorial room at Foshay Junior High is my friend Carol from church.

It was like one of those Korean dramas, with the impossible coincidences that brings people together after dozens of years through unlikely circumstances. Julie and I as well as others who watch them all laugh at how unrealistic these chance meetings are.

Like one we watched earlier in the year, the English name of which was Women in the Sun. There were two sisters, the older one adopted. The mother favored the younger one because she was her natural daughter, so the older daughter got jealous and abandoned her at a train station when they were little. Years later they were reunited, although they didn't know each other's true identities. The older daughter soon discovered that they were sisters, however, but kept it quiet because her mother had never gotten over the grief of losing her real daughter and vowed revenge on whoever had caused this to happen. The real daughter likewise confessed to her unrevealed sister that she held a grudge in her heart all this time against her older sibling for abandoning her. As you might expect, the two reunited but unknowing sisters became good friends, setting up some interesting conflicts.

After all these years I have never forgotten how mean we were to poor Caroline. She was in charge of overseeing the tutorial room and we'd frequently go there not for any tutoring but to shoot the breeze and pass the time. She'd shoo us out, we'd sneak right back. I never realized how bad we were until one day she cried out of frustration with us (mainly me).

And then I find out she's the same Carol I have known for several years. I wondered if she remembered any of what happened but it must not have been as big a deal for her as it was for me. But what if she had remembered and kept a grudge all this time?

Haha, the makings of another Korean - well, Asian - drama..

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