Sunday, January 25, 2009

Food Filled Saturday

Like most Saturdays I started out the day making my usual trek to Costco. Nothing much exciting happened over there and I don't even have any pictures to show you.

Lunch was more interesting. Our choir core group decided to meet over lunch at Mahan Indian Restaurant in Alhambra. I'd been wanting to try that place for a while but it's difficult getting people to go to an Indian restaurant.

We all had the lunch buffet. A few of the people weren't too familiar with Indian food and I noticed they were pretty hesitant about putting too much food on their plates, leaving a lot of white space. The food actually looked pretty good - very colorful. Vegetable samosas, basmati rice, eggplant, spinach, vegetable korma, some stewed chicken dish, tandoori chicken, green salad and a couple of chutneys beckoned from the serving trays.

The general reaction after tasting the food was, "hey, this is good!" And indeed it was. I'm no expert on Indian food, having had it only a few times myself, but it tasted good to me. Everyone ended up going back for at least seconds. The staff was very attentive as well. I wouldn't mind going back there again.

Dinner was with Julie's family for an early Chinese New Year celebration at King Hua, also in Alhambra. Previously this place has gotten raves on the Chowhound food board but the several times I've been there, the food has been less than stellar. It's mediocre at best and way overpriced. This time was no exception.

They ordered one of the special banquet dinners which came with all kinds of fancy stuff but the portions were small and just as well, because it didn't taste all that good, either. Scrawny chicken, emaciated duck, fish that left you wondering where the meat was, and an anorexic lobster were part of the meal. The best part was the fried rice at the end.

The sharks fin soup was okay although there was hardly any shark in it. Just as well because I don't understand the affection people have for sharks fins - it's like eating the teeth from a plastic comb if you ask me.

I searched for a YouTube relevant to both Indian and Chinese cuisine, but I couldn't really find anything. Instead, this will have to do..

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