Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yes, nothing really brings out strong opinions and thoughts of challenging those with differing opinions to a duel than... Tito's Tacos.. good or bad?

There's a thread on the Chowhound Board originally started by someone who wrote, "Tito's are the best tacos in Los Angeles.."

Immediately numbers of other posters corrected him on his lack of taste. Honestly, I thought more people would jump in to support him (as I did; they are still my favorite taco bar none, even above Jack in the Box) but alas, the overwhelming majority of responses talked about what a bland, flavorless, salty, greasy, non authentic piece of garbage this taco was.

Well yeah, they're right but it's the synergy of all those characteristics that make it such a great food item.

A lot of folks said Tito's is just nostalgia. True.. One poster mentioned how when he moved out here from New Yawk many years ago, his friend brought him to Tito's and the now defunct Magos, the latter at which he discovered more real Mexican food in the form of fried chicken burritos. I pointed out that those were the days, when Tito's, Johnny's Pastrami, Magos and Bruno's Restaurant all resided within a stone's throw of one another.

Not much else to write about today, but I am thinking if you are reading my blog you must not have very much to do and are trying desperately to escape boredom. Therefore, let me suggest something else you can work on: The Eggxpert Trivia Challenge. It was started by a Newegg customer and I've been playing this since May or June of 2007 and my buddy Donna has been playing it also since I told her about it.

Our numbers have dwindled and now it's the same old 20 or so people each month who try and answer a bunch of trivia questions in as short a time as possible. If you would like to try it, click here. You will have to register to play but it seems safe to do so - I haven't received any spam as a result and each day I look forward to competing against the same cronies who are there every month, plus I wonder just who are these people, anyway?

Sorry, no YouTube today but instead I will post a screen print of my score from yesterday (that's me bringing up the for a larger image).


donna said...

LMAO, what the heck happened? Were you trying to screen shot it before you completed the quiz?
I was just thinking if you mentioned it on your blog, maybe we can get more players. Weird.

Rickie Miyake said...

I clicked on the link to take the quiz on Friday morning and the page took forever to load. It was just hanging there so I closed it and went to another page. Then that night I went back to play, thought I did pretty good and when I finished and submitted my answers it told me I took like 26,000 seconds to answer the quiz!! I guess the page was sort of like that robot in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, waiting forever for me to come back, lol.. Oh well, I always wondered what would happen if I just left the quiz open like that..