Sunday, December 7, 2008

Uneventful Saturday

I made my usual Saturday morning visit to Costco. What a beautiful day it was - absolutely clear, with a nice, crisp feeling in the air. With a day that nice, I guess it would be asking too much to have UCLA whip USC as well. I was right. Oh, well.

Gas is down to $1.719 at the Azusa Costco location. Another amazing tank fillup under $20!

I thought of a great idea for a Christmas present for my folks that fits with their more limited, small-space lifestyle. Digital picture frames. They're pretty expensive! There also seems to be a significant price difference between 7" and 8" frames and I think it is because 7" frames are in widescreen shape and 8" are in normal shape, the kind most pictures come in. If you view a regular picture on a widescreen frame, either it will be stretched so that the image is squatty, or else there will be black bars on each side to retain the original aspect ratio.

After seeing what they had at Costco I came home and checked out Best Buy and Circuit City's websites, as well as Amazon. Seems like you really can't get a decent 8" non-widescreen frame at a decent price. I think I'll get it at Costco because from reading consumer reviews it sounds like they have a lot of problems so at least Costco has an excellent return policy in case something goes wrong.

I didn't get much in the way of new (i.e., first-time purchase) stuff. I am still mourning how the San Diego Costcos outshine the ones up here. Julie likes the Costco rice crackers so I bought a bag.. I don't know why she likes this counterfeit stuff. Maybe because she's Chinese? Haha..

And a double-bag set of beef jerky. Costco still has great prices on jerky. Greg used to want me to get him the beef sticks that they sold in the bin next to the jerky when he was in grade school. I found out that he was selling them to the other kids for a quarter a pop!

He told me other kids saw what he was doing and started selling food items as well which led to everyone getting into a discount war so he gave up. Welcome to real life, eh?

When we were at her brother's house in San Diego on Thanksgiving, Julie was admiring the electric kettle they had. I bought one today for one of her Christmas presents.

When I got home I checked the mailbox and it was empty. Well, not exactly empty. The mailman hadn't come yet but there was a spider inhabiting our box (it's kind of dark but the spider is in the middle near the lock).

I tried to shoo it away but it ignored me so I left it there. Later on I heard the mailman drop off the mail so I went outside (the box is next to the doorway) and carefully picked up the mail so as not to pick up the spider as well. Then I looked inside the box and the spider looked like it had gotten smashed. Given the amount of mail that came, including a couple of magazines, that was a distinct possibility but nope, it got up and started walking around. So I left it to face another day of avoiding an avalanche of paper.

Now of all little creatures, you would think that a spider would realize the three most important aspects of being a successful spider are location, location and location. That's got to be important for a spider, wouldn't you think? What are you going to catch inside of a mailbox??

I was looking at that spider strutting around the bottom of the mailbox and thinking how long could it survive? Suddenly a couple of other spiders scrambled out to join the first one, and then I heard it. Very, very faint but I heard something so I leaned closer in order to hear it more clearly:

Then it threw up a web that stuck to the lid of the mailbox, pulled it down and slammed it shut, lol..

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