Monday, December 29, 2008

TV Good

Not much to write today since I am all worn out from working on redoing all the connections and setting up the new TV and some other components and still I am not done. But I've gotten far enough to ensure the basics are working properly and am very happy so far with everything. Mmm, TV good.

By the way, yesterday I complained about the high price of HDMI cables, at least at the brick and mortar outlets around here. For example, Target sells a 6' Belkin cable for $39.99 that Amazon sells for $14.09 - the exact same thing!

However, Fry's came to the rescue again! This morning's ad showed a 6' HDMI cable for $7.99. We drove over there after church this morning and, despite what I was told to beware of by Circuit City employees, the merchandise wasn't used or refurbished. It was brand new, and they had plenty of them. The retail price on the package was $19.99.

Now let's think about this. Regular price is $19.99, Fry's is able to sell them for $7.99 and I doubt that they would be losing any money on this. So just think how much they buy them for, and with the manufacturer adding their markup, just think how much it really costs to make one of these cables. I hooked it up and it works just fine. What is the justification for charging $40 up to hundreds of dollars for one of these wires?

I tell you, since the last time I bought any audio or video equipment, things have changed. What I used to find pretty simple now leaves me scratching my head trying to soak it all in when it comes to setting up everything. But I'll get there. It's just that I kind of feel like an old grandpa, plodding my way through these confounded instructions, lol..

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ricky.
Great deal on the HDMI cables. I traded the Verizon guy for a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts for a HDMI cable yesterday. I was going to give him something because he relocated the optical drop to the house and ended up having to coil up over a hundred feet of fiber optic cable. They do not have the tools to cut or terminate. I was using my Fried Electronics DVI connector until then. No real reason to use the HDMI except my late bunny ate my optical sound cable and they are pretty much no longer available.