Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We trimmed our artificial Christmas tree over the weekend. I got out the boxes of lights, took out and unraveled the cords, screwed in the lightbulbs and then plugged it in. Like every year, some of the lights didn't work so I twisted them a little bit to create a better connection. Unlike past years, however, this time something blew out and all the lights went dark.

It was no use checking the fuse since we don't have a spare fuse and the lights are so old I don't know where we'd find a new fuse anyway. I guess it was time to get a new set of lights.

I had those lights a fairly long time - since before Julie and I got married. I was sad that they didn't work anymore. Even though they're nothing more than inanimate objects, I still felt sorry for them since they'd sort of been a part of the family for so long. Sort of like old friends. Does that sound crazy?

Julie doesn't share my sentimental bent, though. "Throw out those lights - don't keep them since they're no good."

I've always felt that way about things I've had for a long time. When I was little I would get very sad when my mom replaced my pillow; I wanted to keep the old one even though it had gotten worn out. After all, the pillow had been my companion every night while I lay there sucking my thumb. It was akin to Linus' security blanket!

I know these things can't possibly have any feelings. Still, I feel sorry for them.

Well, the Christmas tree lights didn't totally disappear. The cord did, but I kept the bulbs. They happen to be the same size as our nightlight so now we have plenty of replacements and can also have a variety of colors - red, green, blue and amber. Instead of going back to reside in the box with all the other Christmas tree trimmings, they are now in the cabinet. They've just moved, is all.

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