Monday, December 8, 2008

No Bailout For You!

Here I am again, the broken record, with more railing against the real Axis of Evil. Not the three countries George W named a while ago, but the true Axis that has infiltrated our country and has existed amongst us for years and years, slowly festering and dragging us all down.

I checked out a couple of issues of Consumer Reports from the library over the weekend to do some research on flat-panel televisions. Also in one of the issues was an article that listed the most and least reliable automobiles. Here's a picture of the page showing the specific models (click the image for a larger version):

Now, what do you notice in those lists? Hmm.. how many cars from the Axis of Evil Automakers do you see on the left side versus the right side? How many non-Axis member models do you see on the right side? Does that tell you anything about the quality of the cars?

So again I must ask, why are we bailing out three companies that have made and will continue to make junk??

What have these automakers been doing all these years? And now after they've squandered all their money and supply has far exceeded demand for their products (for good reasons), they now say they are going to be better citizens? Sorry, but giving them any sort of handout is like putting pearls before swine.

And, did you know that the parasitic leech unions also have a fund set up that gets its money from the automakers, whose purpose is to provide laid-off workers with almost full pay? Now excuse me if I am wrong, but layoffs happen for economic reasons; i.e., if a company cannot afford to pay salaries to everyone, they are forced to lay off some of its employees in order to save money. So if that same company then has to contribute money to a fund in order to keep paying these laid off workers, what exactly has been saved? What's the point of laying them off in the first place? I know companies are required to contribute to a state unemployment fund, but we're talking contributions far in excess of that.

I continue shaking my head. And congress.. just how much are they going to throw away on these failures? The answer ought to be simple. They should take a cue from this episode from Seinfeld:

Congress: We're giving you a bailout.

Evil Axis Automakers: Uh, uh, there's only $25 billion in here.

Congress: That's right, that's what you said you needed. $25 billion.

Evil Axis Automakers: Uh, well, that was yesterday. And yesterday's gone. Today's estimate is $50 billion.

Congress: $50 billion? It went from $25 billion to $50 billion that soon??

Evil Axis Automakers: It'll be double tomorrow if you don't give us what we want. Give it to us. The union needs half of it too. And before Christmas. Or else this country's going down.

Congress: You want $50 billion?

Evil Axis Automakers: At least. And make it quick.

Congress: You want $50 billion and you want it quick?

Evil Axis Automakers: What don't you understand? Read our lips, buddy! Our rented hybrids are waiting to take us back to our private jets.

Congress: No bailout for you!!!

Sigh, if only life were that sensible..

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