Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Addition to the Family

I took a trip to Costco and then Circuit City this morning (Friday) to look at... LCD televisions. Yup, we finally decided to take the plunge and splurge with our Christmas loot.

Costco has good prices but not much selection. Circuit City has much selection and their prices vary, some good and some not so good. We were looking for a 37" model because that seemed to be like the baby bear's bed, just right. Anything larger would seem too overwhelming.

Costco had a 37" Toshiba but I wasn't crazy about the picture. The next size up was a 40" Sony, but that was over the size limit. Circuit City had a wealth of choices. I guess they have to charge more for their overhead. I came home and mulled it over.. Neither store had been very crowded.

After lunch (literally right after, since we had Costco Polish dogs to eat) Julie and I went back to Costco and looked at the Sony, measuring tape in hand. The 40" Sony was only 2" wider than the 37" Toshiba. Still, it seemed too big. She had another store she wanted to visit so we decided to go there, then to Circuit City so she could see what they had.

We ended up not even going to Circuit City. After mulling it over, we decided it was better to buy whatever we were going to buy at Costco because if there was anything wrong with the item, we'd have no trouble returning it. And I'm a Costco fanatic anyway - you have to be true to your school! As for the size issue, 2" difference (1" on each side) was negligible. To my eye, the Sony's and Samsung's had the best picture, and, since Costco had the Sony, then Sony it was.

As I write this, the TV is still sitting in an unopened box. I'm the type that likes to read the instructions first so that's what I am gonna do as soon as I finish typing this blog entry. See how diligent I am? First things first, I type the blog entry and then pore over the instructions.

I'll report back to you how it turns out! Oh, and of course I am going back to Costco tomorrow for my regular Saturday morning visit. I'll let you know how that turns out as well..

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Anonymous said...

Good choice. I bought a Bravia for my folks for Christmas. Looks good and I heard that they are playing Wii Sports with it.