Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Does it feel like Christmas Eve? I hope so, and I mean in a good way. I am writing this on Tuesday evening. Julie was crazy enough to go to Costco this afternoon and she said the parking lot was completely full and there were lots of people in the store. The lines weren't that long, though.

I was a homebody today. The AT&T repairman showed up around 11:30. I saw his truck outside and checked my phone. The dial tone came on. He knocked on the door and I said the phone is working. He knew that - he told me the problem was a loose wire at the junction box and he was here to make sure that he put the wire in the right place and didn't accidentally give us someone else's phone number. Just think of all the havoc someone could cause if they got into the junction box and switched all the wires around.

I told him the first thing I thought when I heard the dial tone was, doesn't that always happen - you call for repairs and when they show up, the thing is working again. He laughed.

Actually, I wasn't a total homebody. I went for my run later in the afternoon, looking like a fool wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the chilly weather. It was a nice run and gave me more of a Christmas feeling, being out in the crisp, clear air. My left shoe squeaks.

The big event of the day was accidentally swallowing half of a rather large grape tomato. Somehow when I put it in my mouth it went in my throat before I could chew it. It seemed smooth enough and since it was round I figured I would just swallow it and it would slide on down, case closed.

Wrong. It seemed to go down very slowly. I didn't start choking but I felt like it might get stuck there. I started wondering if I was going to choke to death but finally it disappeared wherever food goes after you swallow it and I breathed a sigh of relief.. ah, how good to breathe!

To celebrate Christmas Eve, today's YouTube clip is from one of my very favorite movies. I absolutely love this ending. Every time I watch it I can't keep from crying because it is such a nice ending. Ah, this is how Christmas should be.

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