Monday, December 1, 2008

Lunch With the Kiddos

Julie and I had lunch with Katie, Greg and his girlfriend Lisa last Saturday, before Greg had to fly back to Texas.

Since it seems none of us can ever decide on where to go, I had suggested Shakas in Alhambra since that's a pretty dependable choice for Hawaiian plate lunches but then Greg decided he didn't want to go there. He suggested meeting at Crazy Sushi, instead.

I looked up the address and then checked it out on There were two listings, one for Crazy Sushi and another for Crazy Sushi/Tofu House. I noticed that the first one had some downright pitiful reviews, with several people saying it was the worst sushi they had ever eaten in their lives.

I called Greg back and asked which location he was talking about and it turned out that it was the second one, as the first one had closed down (small wonder, what with those disastrous comments). Even the second one had mixed reviews but what the heck, an adventure is an adventure.

Turns out that Julie and I had eaten in that same place before but a few years back when it had different owners. And it turned out that the food wasn't bad at all. Besides sushi, there were a lot of Korean items on the menu.

I didn't take a picture of the food like I usually do, but I did take a picture of Greg and Katie:

And here's a picture of the wall that had pictures of the food, along with outlines of UFO's that were circling the building:

And I took a closeup of Lisa since she was sitting next to me. Katie said that closeups always come out bad because it makes the person's head look real big and funny, so I had to compensate for that with some editing:

Lunch was very nice. Greg will be back out here in a couple of weeks and then he'll be headed to Florida, his next station/destination. When he was growing up I never imagined he would opt for the Naval Academy; while I had no specific schools or majors in mind, I figured he would take a more conventional route like his friends did. Instead he chose to go way cross country and entered into a commitment that leaves him with eight more years to serve.

Maybe that came from watching Top Gun so many times, haha.. whatever, I'm glad he followed his heart and pursued what really interested him (Katie, as well), instead of doing something for either money or yielding to parental pressure (you know how Asian families can be, although I'd like to think we aren't that way).

Back at Dorsey, I never even considered a non-local school; I applied to UCLA and Cal State L.A., figuring if I didn't get into the first one for sure I'd get into the second. I didn't even know what I wanted to do in life so why go a long way from home? Besides, I was way too timid to take such a giant step. If you've been reading this blog you know how anti-social I am!

But the way I look at it, no matter if you stay near like Katie, or go far away like Greg, you have to follow your heart and your dreams, which I think both of them did/are doing. I'm both proud of and happy for them.

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