Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Carols

I love Christmas carols. Not stuff like "Jingle Bell Rock" or "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," but the genuine articles, the songs written for the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.

Even though I was not raised as a Christian or of any religion and had only a vague idea of the story of Christmas when I was little, I was enchanted by these carols and how beautiful they sounded. Since then, becoming a Christian has only enhanced how special this music is.

Sunday afternoon was spent with choir and orchestra doing our final rehearsal for the church's Christmas Cantata that will take place on Christmas Eve. Though the Cantata songs themselves have rather non-traditional arrangements, nevertheless it is a real blessing to participate in singing them. And at the end there are the more traditional arrangements of some Christmas Carols

Here's some pictures of the sanctuary, taken in the afternoon when everyone was starting to file in.

The only drawback to being in the Cantata is having to wear a suit, haha..

Does it feel like Christmas to you? I don't necessarily mean celebrating the birth of Christ, since not everyone is a believer; what I mean is, are you getting that feeling of peace on earth and good will towards man?

It's sad that there are so many efforts underway to turn Christmas into a generic holiday. Part of what made the season special were the many Christmas episodes on television. These days its a battle just to mention the word "Christmas" or the name "Jesus Christ" (except for swearing) on the air or at public functions (like schools).

I've so many fond memories of Christmas, from as early as I can remember. Both before and after becoming a believer. Regardless of the time, it was still "Christmas" to me.. May you all be having a wonderful Christmas season!

Here's a clip from a show back in the 1980's where they weren't afraid.

As an aside, my favorite character in that show was Agnes DiPesto. I always thought she was a cutie (about 2:40 into the bottom clip).

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